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Time to reflect..

First year….. man, it was definitely a crazy experience. I’m sure I’ve felt every emotion possible. I’ve been scared, lonely, sad, happy, excited, nostalgic… everything.. and to think it’s only been 8 months of school. I’ve met some sick ass people. Random people from parties, random people at bus stops, my floor mates, the people in my building.. Everybody is just so freaking nice.

My grades dropped during second semester, but the courses were just too much to handle. I really need to up my game because it’s only going to get harder from here on out. 

I didn’t really have time for a full on committed relationship this year, and I think it wouldn’t have been a good idea anyways. There are guys who are interested but for some reason I just don’t feel that connection with them. None of them give me butterflies in my stomach. Oh how I miss that feeling. Maybe thing’s will change this summer.. or next year. Either way, it’s not a priority… so, it can wait. 

There’s been a really good… companion of mine I guess.. and he made me realize how important it is to never forget you came from. My culture is nothing to be ashamed of. As much as I’ve been “white washed” I’m holding on to what’s left of my culture. At the same time, I’m glad I was brought up in such a multicultural environment, some people go to Guelph and legit have a cultural shock. I’m glad I’m so well rounded and able to adapt.

Next year will again bring even more changes. I’ll have my own house, I’ll need to find some way to school (hopefully, my dad will get me a car), I’ll have to cook for myself.. and again, it’s a lot more change and responsibility. 

But… I guess that’s what growing up is. 



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